2008 Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept

2008 Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept Pictures & Specifications
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Technical Specifications

Make: Lexus
Model: LF-A Roadster Concept
Engine: 5.0 litre V10
Aspiration: Natural
Maximum Power: 360 kW (approximate)
Maximum Torque:
Transmission: SMT (sequential manual transmission)
Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive

Lexus LF-A Concept At The Melbourne Motor Show

Lexus Press Release
21 January 2009

Lexus will stage the Australian debut of its own supercar, the LF-A Roadster, at the Melbourne International Motor Show on 27 February.

The LF-A Roadster goes on display in Melbourne after headlining motor shows in Tokyo and Detroit.

The Roadster’s V10 engine is capable of producing more than 360 kilowatts and test-track speeds greater than 330 km/h.

Its sleek design utilises a lightweight carbon-fibre and aluminium body that ensures structural rigidity is maintained, even without a roof.

Styling of the LF-A Roadster draws extensively from the Lexus L-Finesse design philosophy and has been designed to deliver maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

The rear of the Roadster is marked by a pair of wrap-around, arrowhead-shaped taillights and a trio of centrally positioned exhausts.

To attain the best possible weight distribution, Lexus engineers positioned the radiators at the rear of the vehicle, which also allows for a sleeker front-end design.

The two rear-mounted radiators are fed cool air by two large intake ducts located forward of the rear wheel wells, and heated air is vented out behind the vehicle via a pair of large grilles.

The engine is mounted in a “front-mid” configuration – in front of the passenger compartment, but behind the front-axle centreline.

The engine is connected via a torque tube and propeller shaft to a transaxle that is controlled by paddle shifters. The torque tube is a structural member that adds rigidity to the drive train and chassis, while also reducing vibration.

The LF-A Roadster features wide high-performance tyres on turbine-styled alloy wheels.

Lexus Chief Executive John Roca said the Melbourne International Motor Show signals a new era for Lexus.

“The 2009 Melbourne Show will debut Lexus’ most exclusive and powerful vehicle the LF-A Roadster concept.

“The LF-A is the ultimate representation of L-Finesse design and would be a fantastic halo vehicle for the brand, if produced.

“In addition to the LF-A, Lexus will display an all-new production model, the IS-F and our range of hybrid vehicles,” said Mr Roca.

The Melbourne International Motor Show is on at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 27 February to 9 March.


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