2009 Citroen DS Inside Concept

2009 Citroen DS Inside Concept Pictures & Specifications
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Technical Specifications

Make: Citroen
Model: DS Inside Concept
Maximum Power:
Maximum Torque:

2009 Citroen DS Inside Concept

Citroen Press Release
March 2009

Citroen is reinventing itself. The Marque is transforming its image to place the emphasis on its creativity and ability to innovate. This process is illustrated by a new visual identity, a restyled logo, an evocative new slogan “Creative Technologie”, and new customer relations. At the same time, Citroen is announcing the launch of a new and distinctive line of products, the DS line, heralded by the concept car DS Inside.

The key characteristics of the DS line are; creativity, strong and emotional styling, quality in presentation and finish, driving sensations and functional qualities.

This concept car heralds DS3, the first vehicle in the new line of products, scheduled for launch in 2010.

“DS Inside is a compact, elegant and refined 3-door vehicle. Its flowing, sculpted lines convey an impression of smooth, dynamic performance. Every detail of the car reflects this approach to design: flowing design lines with an unexpected touch, like the shark fin that symbolises DS Inside.” Mark Lloyd, Range Manager, Citroen Styling.

Another attractive feature of DS Inside is its strong personality. The concept exists in two forms. An alluring version with dark brown bodywork and a metal-flecked roof. And a more non-conformist version of dandy elegance, featuring an eye-catching mix of colours: deep pearl grey with a mirror effect and bright glossy pink. This second bold version is presented for the first time at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.


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