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Technical Specifications

Make: Maybach
Model: Landaulet
Engine: 6.0 litre V12
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Maximum Power: 450 kW (612 hp) @ 4800 rpm
Maximum Torque: 1000 Nm (737 lb-ft) @ 2000 rpm
Transmission: Five-speed automatic
Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive

The Maybach Landaulet

Daimler Press Release
11 January 2009

The Maybach Landaulet, the fifth model of the Maybach luxury brand, resurrects the legend of the classic luxury landaulets, a feature of which is that only the chauffeur’s area is closed. An extra-large folding roof opens up over the pampered rear-seat passengers when required, leaving no obstructions between them and the blue sky above. The Maybach Landaulet thus offers a majestic open-air experience currently unrivalled by any other automobile. Boasting a certain romantic quality and allowing its passengers the opportunity to savour closeness to nature, this exceptional vehicle also features the ultimate in comfort and technological sophistication and as such sets the new standard for the world’s luxury saloons.

The Maybach Landaulet was the response to customer requests
The Maybach name epitomises high-end luxury motoring. It stands for effortlessly superior automotive engineering at the very highest level, timeless and stylish elegance, and precision craftsmanship. Since approximately two-thirds of Maybach customers wish to tailor their cars exactly to their own tastes and ideas, Maybach is constantly expanding its exclusive range of customisation options.

The Maybach Landaulet was prompted by the clientele of Maybach. Experts understand the landaulet to be an automobile whose front section has a fixed roof, but whose rear has a folding top to allow the passengers to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Landaulets were formerly often used as parade cars in which the occupants could present themselves to the people at the roadside. However, security considerations have largely relieved the landaulet of this function today.

Of course, this has not detracted from the legends which surround landaulet automobiles. Chauffeur-driven cars by nature, even today they still are ranked among the top products of the carmaker’s art. This applies to a particular degree to the Maybach Landaulet: innovative, high-grade engineering, exceptional comfort and a luxurious ambience clearly place this Landaulet a cut above even the luxury car segment. This is down in part to select, high-quality materials, large amounts of which specialists incorporate into the Maybach Landaulet with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmen’s skill.

Large folding roof for the passengers in the rear
In technical terms the Maybach Landaulet is based on the Maybach 62 S – which can claim to be the world’s most powerful series-produced chauffeured saloon. Maybach technicians have removed the rear roof module in order to afford passengers an unobstructed view of the sky above. The side walls have been invisibly reinforced with an integral tubular steel structure. As these measures have not altered the silhouette of the luxury saloon, the generously dimensioned doors and the complete interior with reclining seats remain unchanged.

When closed, the black soft-top of the Maybach Landaulet rests on the roof frame and is wind and weather-proof. When requested by the passengers, the chauffeur operates a switch in the centre console. Fully automatically, electric motors then open the two locks which fasten the folding top to the roof frame; the top is folded and gently laid onto the parcel shelf in the rear, together with its integral rear windscreen made of single-layer safety glass. One hydraulic cylinder each on the left and right side open and close the top virtually noiselessly. The necessary driving power is furnished by an electro-hydraulic motor hidden away in the side of the boot. The opening and closing of the roof are choreographed to take place in less than 20 seconds. Of course, even with the top down the luggage compartment is always fully accessible.

Superbly spacious accommodation and first-class comfort
The passengers in the rear with its optional contrasting colour scheme enjoy their place in the sun. They travel on opulent reclining seats upholstered in exquisite Grand Nappa leather in an environment of utmost luxury and exquisite style. The basis for outstanding comfort is the generous spaciousness of the rear passenger compartment, which the Maybach Landaulet has adopted unchanged from the Maybach 62 S. Two superbly comfortable individual seats positively invite the rear passengers to sit back and relax. As a highlight, the elegant individual rear seats allow even tall passengers to enjoy a comfortable reclining position, which travellers would normally expect to find only in the first-class sections of modern passenger jets. Rear passengers can call up a pre-set reclined position at the push of a button, whereupon the backrest smoothly tilts backwards by up to 47 degrees whilst, simultaneously, a lower-leg support and footrest extend forwards. This means that occupants can enjoy the ride in an extremely relaxed reclined position. Of course, the seat can easily be adjusted to each passenger’s own particular comfort needs.

Seat comfort is further enhanced by pneumatically adjustable air cushions in the backrest and a program-controlled massage function.

Designed specifically for open-top motoring
Maybach has adapted the luxurious rear compartment to the requirements of open-top motoring. For instance, the rear head restraints are slightly larger than on the saloon and effectively help reduce wind turbulence. Another slim wind deflector is automatically raised at speeds above 70 km/h to further reduce the risk of any uncomfortable draughts. The deflector, which measures around five centimetres, can be activated manually at any time. The switch is conveniently positioned for rear passengers in the centre console.

The intercom in the passenger compartment is fitted with an additional handset in the centre console, allowing passengers to communicate with the driver while the roof is down.

Partition with retractable glass panel
Designed from the outset as a chauffeur-driven limousine, the Maybach Landaulet is equipped with a partition. The lower section of the partition consists of an aluminium sandwich structure. The upper section comprises an electrically operated laminated glass panel, fitted with curtains, which can be lowered by means of an electric motor.

Two separate systems for a perfect climate all round
Driving enjoyment of the highest calibre is further enhanced by the climate comfort afforded by the Maybach Landaulet. To provide effective climate control in the spacious interior, Maybach equips the vehicle with two of the most sophisticated automatic climate control units currently available – one for the front compartment and one specially for the rear compartment. Thanks to its high performance capability and intelligent control set-up, the system allows the occupants in the front as well as the passengers in the rear to adjust and program the climate control system individually. The parameters of the climate control system have been adapted to the conditions in the Maybach Landaulet and ensure that open-air travel remains a pleasure even under adverse climatic conditions.

State-of-the-art entertainment and communication technology
The rear console is the centrepiece for entertainment, communications and travelling pleasure in the Maybach Landaulet. Numerous stowage compartments enable the rear passengers to tidy away both large and small items conveniently. The exquisitely designed interior door panels alone house ten stowage compartments whose lids open at the push of a button.

However, it is the multifunctional centre console between the seats that forms the heart of the stowage concept in the rear of the Maybach cars. This is where Maybach engineers have grouped everything relating to the entertainment and pleasure of the rear-seat passengers: a DVD player, six-disc CD changer, a cooler compartment with its own electric compressor and an intelligent system, which holds silver goblets and champagne bottle safely in position. The champagne flutes – specifically designed for the Maybach in high-grade sterling silver – are held by clips that automatically grip them above the base when they are put down. The clips are released as soon as the rear passenger picks up the flute again.

Individual appointments at no extra charge
As testimony to its exceptional customer focus, Maybach also meets many special Landaulet requirements at no extra charge for the customer. For instance, Maybach Landaulet clients can choose the individual appointments for their vehicle from the entire Maybach paint finish, leather and trim element range at no extra charge. An extra charge only applies to highly exclusive requirements such as special paint finishes based on the customer’s own specifications, select leather colours, trim elements in natural stone or the electrically-operated partition.

Engine and suspension
The Maybach Landaulet is powered by an uprated V12 engine which Maybach engineers have developed further for the Maybach 57 S and Maybach 62 S together with the specialists at Mercedes-AMG. Thanks to twin turbochargers and water intercooling, the V12 develops a maximum output of 450 kW (612 hp) from a displacement of 5980 cubic centimetres. This is continuously available between 4800 and 5100 rpm, and the engine also delivers an impressive maximum torque of 1000 Newton metres between 2000 and 4000 rpm.

In line with the Maybach approach, the twelve-cylinder biturbo engine is hand-assembled in the Mercedes-AMG engine workshops, known as the Manufaktur. The “One man, one engine” philosophy is reflected by the signature of the technician responsible on the characteristic model plate, which is attached to the engine cover of the V12 biturbo – a guarantee of the greatest care and highest quality.

Equipped with the AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control) electronically controlled air suspension system and the Adaptive Damping System (ADS II), the Maybach Landaulet achieves an outstanding level of ride comfort whilst at the same time proving that even a prestigious automobile can display excellent agility and handling qualities.

In addition to large, internally ventilated brake discs – with twin callipers at the front – both the Maybach Landaulet and the Maybach 62 S are equipped with two electrohydraulic Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) braking systems working in tandem. Together with ESP, ASR, ABSand Brake Assist, this provides the Maybach Landaulet with the very latest in effective, high-tech handling control systems.

Innovative technology from the sister brand, Mercedes-Benz
Like all Maybach saloons, the Maybach Landaulet also benefits from the unrivalled experience of sister brand Mercedes-Benz in the development and production of high-quality cars in the luxury segment. Important innovations from Mercedes-Benz, successfully developed further for the Maybach saloons, are standard equipment in every Maybach and are of course also on board the Maybach Landaulet – examples include the AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control) electronically controlled air suspension, LINGUATRONIC voice control system and the COMAND APS control and display system.


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